Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goa a a a a a a a a a. . . ;)

Goa is the place to be when You are down & you need some fresh air, You wana have fun & relax, where nobody will bother you !
Believe my words ! You will be energized to the core. . . :)
So a biker like me " { I think i can call my self a biker :) } "
who love's the 3B's in the world ! ;)
Will plan his most loved trip to Goa ?



ok enough of Guessing !

Yes we,I mean Me & a Few friends planned a biking trip to Goa . . .

As all was done & ready there was a slight problem ?? My parents we not ready for it .. & Now it was not a small problem which i thought will get resolved as it used to for the previous Trips !
This was a Big problem Now with me this time My Parents didn't want me to go on a biking trip as they felt it would not be safe :) . . . We had a Good Chat,talk fight,talk ... & it continued....
So then i was sure that it was not possible for me to go. . I ditched My friends
{Yes i em & was sorry for that as i had only 1 Option :)}

So i called Up a Friend & told him that the plan for tomorrow is canceled ? & Switched.. Off My Cell..
{Wat do yo think any1 Else would do ? :)}

So after being a total jerk..What is see the next Morning was Over My Head ... ! :)
Like true friends My three friends stayed back & waited till the next morning so that they could come to my house & have a chat with my folks :) . .
So cutting the story short ... all said & done I had To bribe my little Sister a Guitar & there she goes & does the job. . . She did what 4 Adults couldn't ! Got Me Permission For Goa . . . :)
Happy happy happy Was I & my pals.. But there was a Point to take care of !
I was permitted to go via a train .. :)
So now like a innocent guy i said Yes & took waiting list tickets from Bombay Central to Thivim ..
For the same evening as my friends had took a few days leave from their respected offices & one even told that his Grandfather was serious..
{which he does all the time :) }

So without wasting more time as we already had lost a day because of Me We Boarded the train without any confirmation's
(ticket confirmation,there was a waiting of 250).
Believe me By gods grace there was no TC in our compartment till Thivim :)
{I think it was the Crowd & Trust me i have never traveled in such stiff situations before where we didn't even had space to keep our foot though we were lucky to get the seat's as we boarded from the first station }

Gandhiji ke 3 Bandar . . .
{Dipu,Srinivas & Varun }

that's Me...

So at last we were in Thivim the Next morning :) We were jovial & Looking forward for a nice adventurous trip ..

We then boarded a taxi towards Baga Beach & the Taxi Guy helped us get a Hotel Near Baga !
As one of My friend was very familiar with the place so we didn't had any issues with the vicinity.
We then quickly got ready & booked 2 Activa's for our daily commute for the next 3day's..As everything was ready now we were all set to experience the Sun, Sand & the Waves .. ;)

Our Itinerary For 4 Days & 3 Night In Goa !

Our Day Started @ Baga Beach in the Morning & Ended at 2 in the Night !

A Few Random Pix of the Trip !

@ Baga in the morning

@ Baga in the Night...

Random Ghoomna... !

Ride towards Chapora fort

Walk to Chapora Fort

At The Fort !

Superb View From the Fort !

At Vagador !

One of the Finest Bike Builder Who Is settled In Goa for a long time Now
Mr. Paul Smith with his Bike !

A Gr8 Guy & A true Biker @ Heart . . .
Thanks for the tour of your work shop & Good Wishes for the Future . . .

Warning : Alcohol addiction could Kill You ! :) So Please Drink Milk ;)

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