Friday, December 23, 2011

Asthetically & Economically FULL ON ! it is the new " Hyundai EON " !

Yes Yes Yes its true i was flattered & shocked at the same time when i saw this car.
It has been describes as one of the finest entry level hatches in INDIA by all the major & leading auto magazines & has been praised a lot in print media.

But as a consumer its only possible to comment when one has had a chance to look & admire, drive & glide Her through the hefty claims  made by the company.

We / I as a Budgeted customer have a lot of dreams/demands that we want from a car say weather it is a first time buyer or a existing buyer who want to buy a car mainly for its fuel economy, design, interiors & the price that should be affordable.

So after all this hype it was time to see it in person drive it feel it & then comment.
After making a lot of call to various dealers all over Mumbai, asking for a test drive & booking a appointment with the sales executives. Me & My DAD (He is true M800 Lover of all times) went in to a authorized dealership showroom & asked the basic of questions for good then asked for a test drive as we were not keen of going in for a top model of this vehicle (EON Sports)(we had our reasons) we wanted the car with basic features i.e Power steering & AC so we asked to see a EON Era a mid-level model, But to our lost luck they didn't had so the guy like a genuine salesman was trying to lock me into a deal for the EON Magna Model. But as we had already decided on what we wanted we with respect to his sales skills booked a test drive & left.

Now its been two days & there was no car for a test drive i started calling all the authorized dealerships for the test drives & quotations but had no luck as the cars were going busy or we were :)
But then after waiting fro 3 days i dropped buy a dealer & took a test run. finally it was time...
though i took a EON Sports Model for the Test Run! (No Luck on the ERA) Had No Choice !

took the car for a spin was happy & got a smile when i saw the interior the seats were super comfy as compared to a lot of expensive hatchbacks, the beige & black interiors with a classy trims on the door panels & a fabulous front console made me think ;)

After a look on the interiors started the engine kept it ideal for a few second & there i noticed the gear lever shivering like it was freezing cold :) hmmmmmmmmmm i said lets drive first so 1st gear it is & there i notices the lack of power (which i was expecting ) no problems i said & went on & on till the 5th gear which brought back the smile as the car was superb once it was in the second gear it was smooth & silky the view from the front was almost 180 degree which was wide/clear all in all was happy with the car i thought it would be a good car for a city drive & specially in Mumbai.
it was time to take her back & look on some paper work but as i entered (nothing happened ;))
the sales executive was ready with the quotation & his sales pitch
so we had a long long chat in which i had discussed a few points as if was to buy the car in November what were the discounts & accessories would i be getting?
he politely says sir i don't have the ERA Model Available, i asked him y?
Ans: Sir Everyone prefers the top model?
I said but i prefer the ERA model as per my basic requirements !
So after a long long discussion i had the quote which included (Reason new launch so) no discounts, no accessories, no nothing but the quotation was a bit higher from the one i already had.
like a true gentleman without making promises i left asking him to re think on the quote & let me know?

So here i was on the forth day talking to some friend & there comes a family friend to my min who has a i20 so call him ask about who/where he got the car from so he gave me the ref. of a relative who was working as a Head Exe Manager in with this authorized dealer asked me to go visit him & he will do what ever was possible. I said lets go as i trusted uncleji :) & there we were at the show room.
as i had already driven & was satisfied & was ready for the next i also wanted that my dad would drive it once & then we could crack the deal out so we booked a test run for my dad & left.
the car was to arrive on the same day but couldn't so we had to wait for a day again !
there was the car again a Sports Model ;)?? My dad looked at the exteriors & was happy but once he sat on the driving seat he was more than happy (he doesn't care about the pick up & stuff) he was happy that it was economical & beautiful :) he drove it & was happy with the drive & built quality !
once we reached we were convinced that we wanted it... But still there were two more people who were to be consulted but we also knew that they would agree :) that was my mom & my lil sis for whom we actually got this car .... :)
Like true gems my Mom said you like it we will buy it & my Sis was super excited as  it was to be her first car Hopefully ! ha ha So like a true EON Family(i guess i can say that ) we Said Yes & booked the Hyundai EON ERA White...
                                                                 Delivery Day Picture

Its Already been a Month the first service is done & the car had done above 1500km.
I am a Happy Customer Now, the mileage is superb(13-15in the city, 16-18 on highways) the drive is comfy for 4 but ain't that bad if you have 5 people inside.
all in all the experience is joy full :)

Got a Music System installed .
HU- Sony CDX-GT505U
Rear Speakers-Pioneer Coaxial Oval 400W
Front Speakers-Sony XS-GTF16272
Amp-Sony XM-GTX6022
Woofer- JBL‑CS‑1204

Installed Mercury/Photo-chromatic Film. 

Upgraded the Head Light Bulbs to Philips 600k white light Bulb.

 Did a 120km/hr / 130km/hr / 140km/hr ;) Under supervision & Had Taken Extreme Precaution.

We Don't Promote RASH OR NEGLIGENT driving !
The Pictures are for review/test purposes only...
Please Drive Responsibly !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Project Yezdi !

The Yezdi 250 Classic Restored !

Its Ready Restored & Running, all the hard work has paid off...
at last a shy of relief & the joy that I have experienced & experiencing !
all the do & don t's all the negative markings that I had received from the people around me has been converted into a positive & more joy full expressions.
reminiscing the time when it was just a thought & now its a reality.
remembering how I had to convince a lot of people to help me out, be it moving the bike from a dead space where it would have had rotted for the rest of its life, how we transported it from Pune to Bombay in a Qualis it was a night to we had to sqeeze it in the Qualis, how we had to move it & bring it back to Bombay where it was destined to get a new life.
Now recollection those memories just makes me feel happy & a sense of achievement that i have or should i say we(friends, family, The Mechanic & the Painter) have achieved together.
we had our share of roughs talks, brainstorming & laughs through out this session... ;) This Led us to achieve the ultimate goal that was meant for Us !

Thanking all My Friends, Family for their Support in Words & Kind ;)
Thanking the Painter & the Mech. for doing such a superb job, could n't have asked for more..(thought it was way above my budget)

Hope this Brings Happiness for all you people who are/were associated with this Project.

Here are some pictures that will guide you through out the project.

Phase 1
The bike Was in chakan so it had to be transported to mumbai for the restoration to begin, here is how it was all done.. 
Me & My few friends from Mumbai after my constant nagging & emotionally friendly "tochan" planned a sudden trip to get the bike.
Ravii Got his Qualis & then both of us got in the other two lazy heads Rehmat shiekh & Azhar (also a Mech.) thought they had their rojas they tried their heavenly tantrums but could n't succeed & hence were forced to join in...
& then we left for Chakan at night at about 11:30pm...

 Ravii, Rehmat & Azhar
 Hungry Ravii Singh !
 Ravii & Me ...(taking a break)

After a lot of tp & fueling at the Mumbai Pune Expressway it was time to rush but in a sober speed :) yes we say a big no to Rash Driving !
 pulling the bike out for some desi style logistics..
 yes the bike was then forced in the Qualis
(we had no choice, no need to try it people)
Yes after all the hush hush we managed to get the bike inside the qualis had a early break fast at my masi's house & also had the opportunity to celebrate the festival of rakhi.(thanks to my lovely cousins who were awake to tie rakis to their brother :) )
after all that fun we had to head back for mumbai...
 thats me on the expressway clicked no lights ...
ravii bhai not yet tired after such a long drive ..
(he gave me the car when we had reached Panvel)

Sleep Deprived after a tiring night of driving to & fro !
We reached mumbai safe & sound without & problem's...

Clicked the Bike later that day !
Phase 2
It was a hectic night but still was super excited & woke up with in 3 hr's & was ready to look for a Mech. i wanted the bike to start as it was laying down for more than 10yrs & I wanted to get it checked & start it up for the third phase i.e Paint & body work !
So after many calls & smses found some one who might be able to do the needful & get it running without wasting time took/pushed the bike to his Garage luck me he was nearby...
The bikes tyres were flat, no ignition key & the left side filter panel was missing...
Once i reached there there was a mixed reaction from the people at the shop then can munna bhai he quickly checked by pumping the kick & told no problem the bike looks good within 2hrs he had started the engine & yes the bike was running with that mind blasting sound of the two stroke engine ...

So i was happy & yes started the work with munna bhai he got me the genuine ignition switch from bangalore did the wiring from an expert but as i told him i wanted the bike to be stripped & sent for paint he was shocked & suggested that its not a good idea as the parts were a headache to get.But as i was dedicated & wanted the bike to look immaculate & pristine i waited & was on a look out for another Mech & painter.

Bike in its Original Form

After the First start
                                  have uploaded a video after the start up !

 Phase 3

After a long wait of 10 days with the help of my mech friend Azhar got a painter & he suggested a Yezdi specialist mech. who only works on these bikes.

Without hesitation called the Mech. & arranged a meet he was very quick & reached the painters off. we had our chat about the bike how & what will he do.. & then came the final negotiations after coming on a particular amt. i freezed the deal & then he started work immediately..

Stripping the Bike
Fitting the bike back on

as i wanted the bike to be black & less on chrome we only chromed the headlight ring, Org yezdi handle bar, chromed spokes, shock up spring rear !
the rest would be Black in color for the main body paint & Silver for the Engine with the silencer's & the Rim's have a Matte Black for a rigid feel that the bike has.

 The Mech.
Painter to the Right

Total Cost of the Project !