Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bike Ride 2 Manori Beach !

Me & My pals planned a Ride to Manori Beach to have some fun riding & enjoying life on the road.. The ride was ausum & enjoyed a lot, we started together From Kanjurmarg/Neptune @ 6:15 am. We rode via aarey colony Road Towards Bhayander & then Gorai & Manori ! We reached there @ about 7:30 am After a few route enquiries as that was our fist ride to Manori & we were not so friendly with the roads after bhayander & the roads also are not in good shape... But still it was a Fun ride & we had a lot of Fun ! After reaching the Destinaton we clicked some photos & have uploaded them ! Hope you guys like the pictures !

God Ble$,

The Rider's....
From L 2 R > Varun(Madrasi) with the Electra ,Sukesh With the BLack Pulsar ,Bala with the 200 Avenger(4day old),Me With My Karizma & dipu With the Silver Pulsar ...

Summary :

At last a trip,i think this is what i should say as this trip was just planned a night before at a friends place.A friend of Mine got a new Avenger 200 which is just 4day's old & 2more pals who were eager & wanted to go on a trip, We used to plan trips but it never worked out before because of all foolish reasons But this it time was different !
We were planning for a small stint as the guys were going to do their first Tour/Ride with a Group on a Bike, So from a few location we selected Manori & had it finalized a night before as everythng was planned the only problem with us was, that we didnt knew the route after Bhayander But it was not a big problem as people in mumbai are quite friendly & helpful

So here comes the morning of the ride i wasn't sure that every1 would be ready !
But as i woke up @5am On the Sunday Oct 05/2008 Morning I started calling the guys I was stunned to see that all of them were awake & will Meet on time at a Friends Place which was on our way.
So after all the calls in the morning & all the fueling I reached my Friends place at Kanjurmarg/Neptune he was ready to roll & standing at the gate...
We both then called the other guys & waited as we both were 15min ahead of schedule, one by one all showed up Except our very own Prince:Bala He was late 20min..

Here stats the first Leg of the Ride which is Appx.60km i.e from Kanjurmarg to Manori Beach..
We started up the engines & went for it We took the aarey milk colony road & then took a left turn towards Kandivali/Bhayander.. as gradually Covering our distance we reached Bhayander then took a left from the Shivaji statue & essel world road...

As we went further we had to ask for the route,Thanks to the uncle who gave us the route We just had to cover the bridge from centre of bhayander i.e Bhayander Circle in the interior of bhayander(Might be confusing but dont know the circle name) then we went through the route ...

It felt as if we were in goa the road were narrow & after covering & a Beautiful Riding On the First leg we Reached our destination !

As we were there in the Early hours there was not much traffic & the beach was also nice & empty only the 5 of us & our bikes, We didnt wanted to miss the opourtunity & we used it to the fullest had a riding session on the beach clicked photographs & also did a few stunts he he ...

The main Problem we faced was we were not able to park our bikes as the sand would spread & the stand would lean & the bikes could fall, My Zma fell down ones But touch wood not even a stratch Then our very own Madrasi(Varun) Invented technique He Got a few coconuts whihc were lying on the beach we then used the coconut to park our bikes & believe me the bikes were safe & how we did that we just inserted the sidestand in the hole of the coconut

So after all the inventions & Photography session We were ready to roll ..
As we all were hungry we thought that it would be great to have a nice breakfast so we decided that we would stop on the first best place we see But once we had the bikes there was no stoping we reached Bhayander took a Left for Godhbander & had a halt there @ the corner/turning...

After freshnig up we ordered our daily southindian snacks & believe me if we had a choice we would have had left the hotel the food was tasteless Except the Orange pulpe & the omlet that my friend had.I would strictly say Never have snacks in that restaurant ... Bloody hell i forgot the name... hmmmmmm.. so after all the fun & a poor snacks break we had a chat & planned to meet directly at Bhandup as all the guys knew the route there was no stopping back took the bike to the limit & reached Bhandup at 11am.... Me & ny frind varn were the first once to arrive & after 15 min the pulsars arrived & then the Avenger....

This is how we enjoyed the early dawn on a Sunday !

Now here are a few details..

5 Rider's + 5 Ride's

Me With My Karizma , Madrasi with the Electra, Bala with the Avenger 200, Dipu & Sukesh With the Pulsar DTS-i

Location : Mumbai

Destination : Manori/Gorai Beach

Route : Kanjurmarg > Powai > Aarey milk colony > Kandivali > Bhayander > Gorai-Manori Beach > Bhayander > Godhbander Road > Thane > Mulund.

Total Kms : 115 kms Too & fro ! (appx. 55km one way)

Here are a few miscellaneous Pix...

Here are the videos !

PS : all the Pix include me & my friends & pls don't try the stunts ..

A Article in zigwheels Magazine by Times of India.
March Issue 2010 ! Made a collage with the same photos...