Friday, December 23, 2011

Asthetically & Economically FULL ON ! it is the new " Hyundai EON " !

Yes Yes Yes its true i was flattered & shocked at the same time when i saw this car.
It has been describes as one of the finest entry level hatches in INDIA by all the major & leading auto magazines & has been praised a lot in print media.

But as a consumer its only possible to comment when one has had a chance to look & admire, drive & glide Her through the hefty claims  made by the company.

We / I as a Budgeted customer have a lot of dreams/demands that we want from a car say weather it is a first time buyer or a existing buyer who want to buy a car mainly for its fuel economy, design, interiors & the price that should be affordable.

So after all this hype it was time to see it in person drive it feel it & then comment.
After making a lot of call to various dealers all over Mumbai, asking for a test drive & booking a appointment with the sales executives. Me & My DAD (He is true M800 Lover of all times) went in to a authorized dealership showroom & asked the basic of questions for good then asked for a test drive as we were not keen of going in for a top model of this vehicle (EON Sports)(we had our reasons) we wanted the car with basic features i.e Power steering & AC so we asked to see a EON Era a mid-level model, But to our lost luck they didn't had so the guy like a genuine salesman was trying to lock me into a deal for the EON Magna Model. But as we had already decided on what we wanted we with respect to his sales skills booked a test drive & left.

Now its been two days & there was no car for a test drive i started calling all the authorized dealerships for the test drives & quotations but had no luck as the cars were going busy or we were :)
But then after waiting fro 3 days i dropped buy a dealer & took a test run. finally it was time...
though i took a EON Sports Model for the Test Run! (No Luck on the ERA) Had No Choice !

took the car for a spin was happy & got a smile when i saw the interior the seats were super comfy as compared to a lot of expensive hatchbacks, the beige & black interiors with a classy trims on the door panels & a fabulous front console made me think ;)

After a look on the interiors started the engine kept it ideal for a few second & there i noticed the gear lever shivering like it was freezing cold :) hmmmmmmmmmm i said lets drive first so 1st gear it is & there i notices the lack of power (which i was expecting ) no problems i said & went on & on till the 5th gear which brought back the smile as the car was superb once it was in the second gear it was smooth & silky the view from the front was almost 180 degree which was wide/clear all in all was happy with the car i thought it would be a good car for a city drive & specially in Mumbai.
it was time to take her back & look on some paper work but as i entered (nothing happened ;))
the sales executive was ready with the quotation & his sales pitch
so we had a long long chat in which i had discussed a few points as if was to buy the car in November what were the discounts & accessories would i be getting?
he politely says sir i don't have the ERA Model Available, i asked him y?
Ans: Sir Everyone prefers the top model?
I said but i prefer the ERA model as per my basic requirements !
So after a long long discussion i had the quote which included (Reason new launch so) no discounts, no accessories, no nothing but the quotation was a bit higher from the one i already had.
like a true gentleman without making promises i left asking him to re think on the quote & let me know?

So here i was on the forth day talking to some friend & there comes a family friend to my min who has a i20 so call him ask about who/where he got the car from so he gave me the ref. of a relative who was working as a Head Exe Manager in with this authorized dealer asked me to go visit him & he will do what ever was possible. I said lets go as i trusted uncleji :) & there we were at the show room.
as i had already driven & was satisfied & was ready for the next i also wanted that my dad would drive it once & then we could crack the deal out so we booked a test run for my dad & left.
the car was to arrive on the same day but couldn't so we had to wait for a day again !
there was the car again a Sports Model ;)?? My dad looked at the exteriors & was happy but once he sat on the driving seat he was more than happy (he doesn't care about the pick up & stuff) he was happy that it was economical & beautiful :) he drove it & was happy with the drive & built quality !
once we reached we were convinced that we wanted it... But still there were two more people who were to be consulted but we also knew that they would agree :) that was my mom & my lil sis for whom we actually got this car .... :)
Like true gems my Mom said you like it we will buy it & my Sis was super excited as  it was to be her first car Hopefully ! ha ha So like a true EON Family(i guess i can say that ) we Said Yes & booked the Hyundai EON ERA White...
                                                                 Delivery Day Picture

Its Already been a Month the first service is done & the car had done above 1500km.
I am a Happy Customer Now, the mileage is superb(13-15in the city, 16-18 on highways) the drive is comfy for 4 but ain't that bad if you have 5 people inside.
all in all the experience is joy full :)

Got a Music System installed .
HU- Sony CDX-GT505U
Rear Speakers-Pioneer Coaxial Oval 400W
Front Speakers-Sony XS-GTF16272
Amp-Sony XM-GTX6022
Woofer- JBL‑CS‑1204

Installed Mercury/Photo-chromatic Film. 

Upgraded the Head Light Bulbs to Philips 600k white light Bulb.

 Did a 120km/hr / 130km/hr / 140km/hr ;) Under supervision & Had Taken Extreme Precaution.

We Don't Promote RASH OR NEGLIGENT driving !
The Pictures are for review/test purposes only...
Please Drive Responsibly !